A Warm Welcome

Writing is a wonderful stress reliever.  It is like slicing open a vein and bleeding all over the page.  I love it!  To the right is my book…read it, you might enjoy it.  It is all about caregiving and how to keep from going crazy, when you take someone into your home to care for them.

betty kuhn

I wrote the book during my husband’s stay in the hospital for eight months.  The doctors and nurses brought me research and information while I was putting the book together.  They were a wonderful resource and I can’t thank them enough.

The nurses on the 7th floor were everyday angels.  They taught me everything I needed to know to take care of my husband, when he was released from the hospital.


what to do when mom moves in“WHAT TO DO WHEN MOM MOVES IN”

In her book, What to Do When Mom Moves In”, the author presents a valuable resource based on her hands on experience of taking care of her father-in-law, her own father and mother, and recently, her husband.  This remarkable book offers help for the first-time caregiver who may be overwhelmed by the task at hand.  But from Betty Kuhn’s book the reader learns:


How to overcome the resentment of caregiving

How to locate other caregivers to share experiences

How to give a bed bath without embarrassing anyone

How to prepare for an emergency at home

How to choose a nursing home that is not a warehouse for the dying

How to keep a positive attitude in a frequently trying environment


Betty Kuhn helps the reader sort through feelings of entrapment and find joy in caregiving.  In “What to Do When Mom Moves In” there are features and tips she has accumulated and wise suggestions to help caregivers meet their responsibilities and take care of themselves as well.

Betty Kuhn enjoyed a promising future in the entertainment industry provided she would stay single.  But she met and married the man of her dreams, and the young couple left the hustle and glamour of Hollywood and settled in Eastern Oregon, where she worked as a bank manager for twenty-four years, eventually becoming vice president.  She writes a blog, and is active in her community where she promotes home care for loved ones.

Her book can be found on Amazon.com or at bkuhn@att.net..  The book will be signed and sent the same day.  You can follow Betty Kuhn’s blog  by clicking on the “Click on my blog “ tag at the top of the page.  Read and enjoy!